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I just became a member of the zoo & the Bird Park here in Singapore (Wilflife Unlimited Plus), meaning that for 1 year I can enjoy free entry to both of them (as well as the Night Safari):

Your payment was successful. Thank you for joining us, your membership is being processed. Please allow us 2 weeks to mail the membership card to you.

Planning to take lots of pictures at both places whenever I have the time to do so. 


Choices to make

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I’m currently thinking of upgrading my camera equipment soon. The options I am thinking of:

  1. Upgrading my Zuiko 14-45 f3.5-5.6 lens to the Zuiko 14-54 f2.8-3.5 lens. The 14-54 can be bought second-hand for around 550-600 SGD. Not sure how much I could sell the 14-45 for, maybe 100SGD.
  2. Getting the Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. Would be a wonderful addition to my Zuiko 50mm f2.0 macro lens, for low light situations. Second-hand would probably be around 500 SGD, however this lens is not being sold very often.
  3. Upgrading my E-500 body to the E-3. Second-hand around 1700 SGD, if I buy a new one (comes with the battery grip), I could try to get a 1,990 SGD promotion.
  4. Getting a flash. Probably the FL-50R, sold for 400-500 SGD, I think.

Options 1 & 3 are the most likely, sometimes there are second-hand bundles that sell both. The question is, however, if I want to spend that much money at the moment.

After yesterday’s posting I decided to check again today if somebody came to my blog through an internet search for Vietnamese brides. In fact, someone did….and again, I am on the front page for the search results! I guess I should try to find a way to monetize this top position Wink

Vietnamese Brides in Singapore
Yahoo Search Link

Vietnamese Brides in Singapore

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I recently blogged about a small video on youtube about Vietnamese girls who come to Singapore to get married. Apparently, this put my blog on some top spots on the yahoo search:

Vietnamese Brides in Singapore
Yahoo Search Link


Vietnamese Brides in Singapore
Yahoo Answers Link


It’s nice to be among the first search results, but for these searches I think it’s not that good Wink

I just got my flight details for my upcoming travels to Indian and Japan.

Basically, it looks like this:
Travel Details India & Japan
(Map copyright by and taken from (Click image for larger version)

I will first (1) fly from Singapore to Chennai. After one week there, I will fly back to Singapore (2), wait for a few hours, and then continue (3) to Tokyo. After 2 weeks in Japan, I will fly back to Singapore (4) and immediately continue to Chennai (5). After another week in Chennai, I will then return to Singapore (6). And stay there for a short while Wink

The great thing about having to make a stopover in Singapore and not being able to fly directly from Chennai to Tokyo is that I will get to fly with the Airbus A380 from Singapore to Tokyo and back. I love Singapore Airlines!

In Korea

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I arrived in Korea yesterday evening and took a bus (super comfortable seats! Like business class on a plane) to the Sofitel hotel here in Seoul. I’ll stay here until Saturday, 13th September, then I’ll fly back to Singapore.

PS: Currently, it’s raining here…