Accessing the settings of your custom document library in your Office 365 public website

Let’s say you want to create a document on your Office 365 public website. You go to Site Actions, click on View All Site Content, click on Create, and create a new document library.

At the end of that, you get an error:

Checking your website, however, you see that the document library was created nevertheless.

But once you open it, you realise that you can’t access its settings, the Library tab is missing from the Ribbon!

What to do now? I show you how you can still go to the library’s settings page, and as a last step delete the library.

First, notice that small little dropdown next to All Documents in the previous screenshot? Click on it, and select Modify this View

You’re now on the edit page for the view. But behold, what’s that in the navigation now? The Document Library Settings! Click on it!

No surprise, you can now see your library’s settings. Click on Delete this document library to, well, delete it.

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Rene Modery

Having worked with SharePoint since 2007, Rene has been involved in and responsible for two Asia Pacific wide SharePoint implementations.Equipped with a Master’s degree in Information Systems and various relevant certifications, Rene keeps a keen interest in technology and how it can provide solutions to common problems, but also looks at the "business side of IT".He lives in Singapore with his wife and two cats. He has been awarded as a Office 365 MVP by Microsoft in April 2012