Two great sites on Office 365

Logging in to the Office 365 Community this week, I was greeted with the following:


Yes, that’s me! As I’m quite busy with our internal upgrade to SharePoint 2010 and an Intranet redesign, I didn’t log on to the community regularly in the past 4 weeks, and also missed private messages that were sent to me regarding this. Still a nice surprise.

Looking at The Grid and the community site, I had to think of two previous Grid Users of the Week, whose sites I visit very regularly (yes, even though I have a tight schedule at the moment). If you’re interested in Office 365, I strongly recommend you to visit these two sites!

Without further ado, here they are:

Brett Hill, one of the current few Office 365 MVPs, runs on which he writes about all things Office 365. I found a lot of good content over there so far,  and the only small complaint I have is that I can’t grab an RSS feed for the articles for my Google Reader account.



Marlon Marescia runs, on which he has regular interviews with other people on Office 365, as well as Master Classes which are a deep dive into a specific topic (right now, there’s only one as it just started, but there are certainly more to come soon!)


(And I only saw just now that Marlon is living in Sydney! Should have tried to meet him while I was there recently)

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Rene Modery

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