Displaying the total number of postings by users in a SharePoint discussion board

Recently, I wanted to display some small statistics about how often people participated in the discussions in a SharePoint discussion board. I wanted to show the total number of postings in a small web part. The solution for this requires SharePoint Designer, as it makes use of the Data View Web Part. I’ll show the steps to display the list of people who participated in a discussion board and their Details

Displaying a preview of a wiki's contents in SharePoint

Update 14 December 2009: Improved slightly, first the tags are stripped, then content shortened.  Displaying a textual preview of an wiki’s article in SharePoint is quite easy. All one needs to do is create a data view web part with SharePoint Designer (free since April 1) and have it display the field ‘Wiki Contents’ from the wiki’s pages library. Now the contents of this field contain all the HTML markup of the Details