SharePoint surveys and the order of the questions during export to Excel

I noticed some interesting, and in my case not desirable behaviour when I was exporting the results from a SharePoint survey to Excel: the order of the questions in Excel differed from the order in SharePoint.

Some further analysis showed the following:
When you export to Excel, the order is determined by the creation time of a question, so the questions that were create first appear before the others. This even happens after you reordered your questions in your survey, which was what I did.

To give an example:
I create a survey with 3 questions in the order 1,2,3:
SharePoint Survey Questions Order

I then reorder them to 3,1,2:
SharePoint Survey Questions Order

If I export them now to Excel, the order of the columns however is still 1,2,3:
SharePoint Survey Questions Order

So in case you need to export to Excel and don’t want to reorder your columns there afterwards, make sure you got the order right when you create your survey questions.