Received the AIIM SharePoint Specialist Certification

After getting the AIIM SharePoint Practitioner certification in August, I completed all modules of the SharePoint Specialist course today and received the certification. While the Practitioner course is mainly about “what is SharePoint”, the Specialist course focuses on the process of rolling out SharePoint in your organisation, so more like a “how do we manage the SharePoint project implementation”. This course consists of the following 11 modules:   My favourite Details

Fixing erroneous GUID creation in Visual Studio 2010

After I got my new laptop, I installed among other things Visual Studio 2010. However, when I wanted to create a new GUID through Tools -> Create GUID, I got the error "Encountered an improper argument." from guidgen.exe : After confirming this dialog, the guidgen.exe window opened, but clicking on copy or New GUID resulted in the same error message: As I found out, VS2010 calls the guidgen.exe inside the Details

New Laptop – Dell E6410

A few weeks ago, my trusted companion, the Lenovo ThinkPad R61e suddenly started to hang. Not just when I was in Windows, but at different “occasions” :right after I switched it on; when it checks which OS to boot; while loading Windows; Windows login screen; after using Windows for 15mins; . Sometimes it hung right after I switched it on for the first time of the day, other times I Details

Presenting at the Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference: Experiences with two AsiaPacific-wide SharePoint Deployments

I will be presenting at the upcoming Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference (26/27 October 2010) here in Singapore. Here are the details of my session: Stories from the field – Experiences with two AsiaPacific-wide SharePoint Deployments A SharePoint implementation with a scope targeting multiple countries comes with several challenges. Various cultural differences and technological barriers have to be considered for a successful rollout. These include factors like different management styles and Details

Using Gmail as your email centre with your own domain email address and an iPhone

One of the smaller "issues" with having my own domain on a normal (nothing fancy) web server (in fact, just some web space, it’s not the whole server) is that the webmail interface I’m using (provided by the hoster) is extremely simple. Searching through mails is inconvenient, I can only write plaintext emails (no images, no formatting….), etc.  That’s why I’ve been using Outlook to grab my emails via POP3. Details