Fetching the current user’s office location with SPServices

Today’s post is just a small code snippet that retrieves the current user’s office location from his/her user profile (assuming that the field Office is in use, which should be the cast most of the time) with the help of SPServices. In fact, the code below is nearly identical with some that Marc D Anderson posted a few months back (had I seen this earlier, it would have saved me Details

Extensive List of SharePoint Blogs

Over the past few years, I’ve subscribed to the RSS feeds of a lot of SharePoint blogs. Personally, I use Google reader for this as I prefer to be able to read it (theoretically) from anywhere. I suppose some people (anyone just starting with SharePoint; people who haven’t really subscribed to a lot of feeds (yet); blog junkies like myself) could be quite interested in the (currently 203 feeds long) Details

Providing Filter Dropdowns for a SharePoint List/Library with jQuery

Let’s say your users want to have an easy way to filter items in a SharePoint list or library, but for some specific reason they should be able to do this with some other functionality than the standard filtering made available in the list&library column header. With a little help of jQuery and SPServices you can easily achieve this and add some dropdowns onto a page, and you can even Details