Month: March 2011

Document versions going missing in SharePoint 2007


We’ve discovered a very weird behaviour in our SharePoint 2007 environment:

Looking at a document’s version history, we found out that sometimes a version gets lost after a new version gets checked in, as well as that the new version is checked in twice.

The following screenshot illustrates it:

We were at version 0.13, and checked out the document and edited it. It was then checked back in as version 0.14, which somehow was checked in twice (0.14 AND 0.15). And as you can see, version 0.13 has gone missing!

As you can also see from the dates in that screenshot, this is not just a recent issue, but one that seems to exist for quite some time already, so far unnoticed by us.

  • We’ve got confirmed cases for Word and Excel documents, so it’s not restricted to a particular type of document only.
  • The editors differ as well, furthermore they are located in different cities.
  • These versions also weren’t deleted manually, but rather really disappear "on their own" (without any user interaction besides the editing).
  • Also, it can happen multiple times for a file (e.g. 0.13 missing, 0.14 and 0.15 identical, later 0.21 missing, 0.22 and 0.23 identical, etc), but not all the time (In my example, versions 0.16 – 0.20 are there, no issues).
  • The missing versions aren’t in any recycle bin (neither in the site, nor in the site collection)
  • There are no workflows or Event Handlers attached to the library

We currently have no solution for this problem, as we don’t know what causes it. By chance, has anyone seen something like this before, or has an explanation what is happening here?

Slide deck online: Introduction to using jQuery with SharePoint

My slide deck from tonight’s SharePoint User Group meeting here in Singapore is now online:

After the session I realised that I forgot to mention a few things, but I hope it was still quite easy to understand. I also planned for more time initially as I was the only speaker for tonight, however we had a last-minute speaker with Allen Stewart from Microsoft who held a Q&A with us on virtualization. So my session was a bit “hurried” in some places, and I couldn’t go into as much detail as I had planned, but for a good reason!

Thanks again to everyone who joined!

PS: SharePoint Magazine just published an article called A jQuery Primer for SharePoint: Selectors, Attributes, and Traversing – Oh My! – highly recommended!

I'll present at SharePointPROs.SG March 2011


Date                       : 10 March 2011

Time                      : 07:00PM – 09:00PM

Location                 : Microsoft Singapore Level 22.  One Marina Boulevard

Please RSVP to confirm your registration and attendance by 09 March 2011.  No email response will be sent for your registration.

Session Agenda

Introduction to using jQuery with SharePoint
Rene Modery

The JavaScript library jQuery has become a very popular library to enhance websites and make them more dynamic. It can easily integrated with SharePoint as well, helping to improve the user experience. For example, you can quickly add image slideshows on a page, but you can also leverage SharePoint’s web services and create small applications.

This session will give you an introduction on how you can integrate jQuery into SharePoint. We will talk about what knowledge is required, how jQuery works, and lastly how you can get started to do some development with it.