Two great sites on Office 365

Logging in to the Office 365 Community this week, I was greeted with the following: Yes, that’s me! As I’m quite busy with our internal upgrade to SharePoint 2010 and an Intranet redesign, I didn’t log on to the community regularly in the past 4 weeks, and also missed private messages that were sent to me regarding this. Still a nice surprise. Looking at The Grid and the community Details

SharePoint Links of the Week (29 July 2011)

Here are my favourite links for this week: As I’ve been working extensively with Waldek’s Imtech Content Query Web Part for the past week (paging in the CQWP was a requirement for several pages on our redesigned intranet), it should be the first link mentioned: Equally important is the following blog post by Geoff Varosky, who describes in much detail some customisations for and how to implement said CQWP, Details

"Unable to / Cannot remove domain" error in Office 365

I decided to let my P1 account from the beta expire, and wanted to remove my vanity domain from the account. I opened the admin interface, went into the domains section, selected my domain, and tried to remove it However, I got the following error: Fair enough, my public website was still using it. So I reset it to use the domain, and tried again. The "Cannot remove domain" Details

Modifying the Design of your Office 365 Public Homepage – Part 3

This article is part of a 3-part series describing the out-of-the-box customisation capabilities for the Office 365 public website. Part 1 – Site, Page Part 2 – Header Part 3 – Navigation, Zone, Advanced (this article) This is the third and last instalment of this series. We will have a look at the Navigation, Zone, and Advanced groups. Navigation Navigation allows you to define how users can navigate on your site. This is a site setting, not just per page. Details

Passed Microsoft Office Specialist: SharePoint 2010 exam (77-886)

As I wrote in May (follow the link for learning plan!), I took the beta exam for Microsoft Office Specialist: SharePoint 2010 (77-886). Dan Usher tweeted today that the results can be seen on the Certiport website: Logging in, I could see the overview of my results: Logging in to the Microsoft Learning website it also shows up under My Certifications: I’m a bit surprised by the low score for Details

Displaying a PowerPoint Slide Show in a Office 365 page

Let’s assume the following: you’ve got a great PowerPoint presentation that you want to include within your Office 365 Team Site (or basically, anywhere else in a Office 365 SharePoint site) as a slide show. So instead of people downloading the file you want to show the presentation’s contents in the browser. In this article, we will go through the necessary steps to do so. Please note that this only Details

Accessing the settings of your custom document library in your Office 365 public website

Let’s say you want to create a document on your Office 365 public website. You go to Site Actions, click on View All Site Content, click on Create, and create a new document library. At the end of that, you get an error: Checking your website, however, you see that the document library was created nevertheless. But once you open it, you realise that you can’t access its settings, the Details

Available Web Parts in Office 365

This will be a very short post (at least in words, still a lot to scroll). I was looking at the Web Parts that are available with the Office 365 P1 subscription and was surprised about the extremely short list (didn’t filter out the Lists and Libraries Web Parts): You can activate the Search Server Web Parts if you go to the Site Collection settings, giving a slightly bigger range: Details