Presenting at the Singapore SharePoint Community: SharePoint Online Features and Branding

I’ll be presenting this Thursday (September 15) at the Singapore SharePoint Community, find the details below and register here Hi All, This month the focus of our meeting will be on Office 365 and specifically SharePoint Online. You’ve all heard a lot about it from Microsoft announcements, friends, family, and strangers you meet on the street who just can’t stop talking about it. Come to this session where we’ll separate Details

Changing an administrator’s default email address in Office 365

After your registered for Office 365, you need to choose a prefix for your “initial domain”. This prefix will be added to, giving you a username for your administrator with the format of Afterwards, you may want to change this logon to something else after you added your own domain, such as But wait! When you want to change it, you realise that it’s impossible, and the Details

Preparing for your Office 365 Migration

So you’ve decided to start using Office 365 in your organisation. What’s next? You shouldn’t use it straight away, but rather do a proper planning, including a migration planning. Whether you have nearly no existing systems, or you plan to replace a whole lot of internal Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync infrastructure, there are a few things that have to be done as part of the migration. Below are my Top Details

RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365

Update: SharePoint Online RSS Viewer now supports external feeds   [warning_box]Note: This version of the Web Part only supports external feeds. SharePoint Online RSS feeds do not work with it. A newer version of the web part is available at Updated Release: RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365[/warning_box] As it is commonly known, only Sandboxed Solutions are allowed on Office 365. A consequence of this is that some of Details

Review of "Microsoft® Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime" by Katherine Murray

Update:I noticed today (10 August 2011) that the Kindle version is currently no longer available. So I possibly may have read not the final version Update 2:Microsoft has relased the book for free on this page A few days ago, I saw that "Microsoft® Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime" by Katherine Murray was available on the Kindle store. Interestingly, the printed version of the book is Details

Two great sites on Office 365

Logging in to the Office 365 Community this week, I was greeted with the following: Yes, that’s me! As I’m quite busy with our internal upgrade to SharePoint 2010 and an Intranet redesign, I didn’t log on to the community regularly in the past 4 weeks, and also missed private messages that were sent to me regarding this. Still a nice surprise. Looking at The Grid and the community Details

SharePoint Links of the Week (29 July 2011)

Here are my favourite links for this week: As I’ve been working extensively with Waldek’s Imtech Content Query Web Part for the past week (paging in the CQWP was a requirement for several pages on our redesigned intranet), it should be the first link mentioned: Equally important is the following blog post by Geoff Varosky, who describes in much detail some customisations for and how to implement said CQWP, Details

"Unable to / Cannot remove domain" error in Office 365

I decided to let my P1 account from the beta expire, and wanted to remove my vanity domain from the account. I opened the admin interface, went into the domains section, selected my domain, and tried to remove it However, I got the following error: Fair enough, my public website was still using it. So I reset it to use the domain, and tried again. The "Cannot remove domain" Details

Modifying the Design of your Office 365 Public Homepage – Part 3

This article is part of a 3-part series describing the out-of-the-box customisation capabilities for the Office 365 public website. Part 1 – Site, Page Part 2 – Header Part 3 – Navigation, Zone, Advanced (this article) This is the third and last instalment of this series. We will have a look at the Navigation, Zone, and Advanced groups. Navigation Navigation allows you to define how users can navigate on your site. This is a site setting, not just per page. Details