Took beta exam 77-886 Microsoft Office Specialist: SharePoint

Today, I took the beta exam for the upcoming Microsoft certification for Information Workers. A blog post at Born to Learn gives more details if you want to do so as well (but only until end of May, few days left!): I prepared myself by first looking at the list of topics on the official exam page: To track my progress, keep learning resources in location, but ultimately Details

Providing multiple email addresses for a user in Office 365 (P1)

There are many situations where you want to provide multiple email addresses for one user. For example, you might want to assign the email address [email protected] to your HR manager Maggie, who also uses her default address [email protected] Or your CEO may want to have the "vanity address" [email protected] Additionally, you may want to add addresses in the format [email protected] so that Maggie also receives email send to [email protected] To Details

Accepted to Office 365 Beta (P1)

On Tuesday morning,  I was greeted with the following email in my inbox: I had actually already forgotten about my registration for the Office 365 beta program (too many other things on my mind), so it was quite a pleasant surprise to get access to it. As mentioned in that email, I’m on the P1 plan, which is “Office 365 for small businesses“. This plan has got a limit of Details

SharePoint Site Owner Tip: Restrict the number of versions for documents

This post is part of an on-going series of small tips for SharePoint site owners (basically anyone who is managing a SharePoint site in some way) One of the great features of SharePoint is the possibility to keep previous versions of documents and list items. This makes it easy to see who modified what when, and to also have a look back to see what was changed. Furthermore, you can Details

Document versions going missing in SharePoint 2007

  We’ve discovered a very weird behaviour in our SharePoint 2007 environment: Looking at a document’s version history, we found out that sometimes a version gets lost after a new version gets checked in, as well as that the new version is checked in twice. The following screenshot illustrates it: We were at version 0.13, and checked out the document and edited it. It was then checked back in as Details

Slide deck online: Introduction to using jQuery with SharePoint

My slide deck from tonight’s SharePoint User Group meeting here in Singapore is now online: Introduction to using jQuery with SharePoint View more presentations from Rene Modery. After the session I realised that I forgot to mention a few things, but I hope it was still quite easy to understand. I also planned for more time initially as I was the only speaker for tonight, however we had a last-minute Details