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Agenda and Speakers Posted for the Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2013

Presenting at the Office 365 International User Group December Meeting

The next meeting for the Office 365 International User Group will take place on December 19 (visit the official calendar to get date/time information and the iCalendar details). Matthew Hughes (@mattmoo2 / and I will be talking about the recent SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, the sessions that we attended (I focused nearly completely on SharePoint Online), what kind of interesting content was presented at those sessions (did you know that Microsoft provisions Office 365 tenants for around 30,000 customers a week? Or that they invested more than $3.2 billion in their data centres?) , and all the other interesting things we heard, learned, and experienced.

As usual, the meeting will take place online via Lync, and everyone is welcome to join!

New Service Descriptions for Office 365 Wave 15

Note: This post was originally published when Office 365 in the Wave 15 version was in Preview. It has been released in the meantime, but the contents of this post will still be updated to reflect any changes. Also, please note that the downloads below do not include the whole Service Descriptions, but an overview of the features only. Please refer to the online version whenever needed
Last Update 13 March 2013. See changelog at the bottom of this post.

Fellow MVP Tommy Clarke let us know that the Service Descriptions for Office 365 Wave 15 (based on all the 2013 products) have been pre-released at I started to have a look especially at SharePoint Online, it’s interesting to see the feature set available for each plan. However the tables aren’t easy to read if you want to get a good overview of what is available in which plan, and therefore I created a slightly improved version with colours:

sharepoint online wave 15 features office 365 enterprise small medium business government


Download the PDF version here: SharePoint Online Wave 15 Features (1758)

You can download the tables for Exchange Online, Lync Online, Project Online, the Office 365 Platform, and Office 365 ProPlus as well:
Exchange Online Wave 15 Features (905)
Lync Online Wave 15 Features (625)
Project Online Wave 15 Features (185)
Office 365 ProPlus Wave 15 Features (240)
Office 365 Platform Wave 15 Features (270)



13 March 2013

  • Active Directory Synchronization not available for Small Business and Small Business Premium
  • Records management, Recycle Bin (SharePoint admin center), Recycle Bin (site collection) added
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Integrated Mode not available for E3/A3/G3/E4/A4/G4


28 February 2013
Generally: The E2 plan has been removed, as it was merged with E1

Lync Online: The following items were added: “Media path optimization”, “Network Quality of Service (QoS) – Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP)”, “XMPP and Sametime federation”, “Server-Side Recording and Playback”, “Call park”, “Outgoing Direct Inward Dialing (DID) manipulation”, “Support for analog devices (for example, fax)”, “Private line (secondary DID for executives)”, “Remote call control (RCC) (also known as “click-to-call”) with on-premises PBX”, “Malicious call trace”, “Unassigned number”, “Phone number management”, “Call detail recording (CDR) and billing reporting”, “Integration with call center solutions(Aspect)”, “Survivable Branch Appliances for branch office resiliency”, “Call admissioncontrol (CAC)”.  “”Archiving interoperability with Exchange Online”” was updated

Office 365 Platform: Wording changes. Added: “Windows Azure AD Rights Management”, “Multiple administrator roles available”, “Allow a partner to administer Office 365 for you”, “IPv4 and IPv6 protocols”. Removed: “Office 365 sign-in URL”, “Allowed IP addresses”, “IP protocols”. Simplified: “Privacy, Security, and Transparency”

SharePoint Online: Updated: IRM

Exchange Online: Added: “Inactive Mailboxes”, “Unified Messaging Reports”


31 January 2013
Exchange Online: added sections “Mailbox types and storage limits”, “Capacity alerts”, “Message and recipient limits”


26 December 2012
Office 365 ProPlus: minor changes
Office 365 Platform: several minor changes; sections added: Service Updates, Help & Training, Networking, Privacy, Security, Compliance, Service Continuity, BlackBerry, Partners, Service Level Agreement, Product Use Rights


13 December 2012
Exchange Online: updated comments
Lync Online: E/A4 plan now includes Lync Voice; Lync Online Administration and Management section added
SharePoint Online: comparison with SharePoint 2013 standalone has been moved into its own section (not part of the PDF)
Project Online: added
Office 365 ProPlus: added
Office 365 Platform: added


7 December 2012
Exchange Online: Updated Capacity Alerts numbers (not in PDF above).
Lync Online: Smaller fixes
SharePoint Online: Host Header Site Collections, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Integrated Mode, Continuous crawl, Custom entity extraction, Refiners, Variations

Presenting at the Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2013: Hybrid SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Once again, I’ll be speaking at the Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference, this time on SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Hybrid scenarios.

The conference will be held on 16+17 January 2013 here in Singapore. And once again, there’ll be a great list of international speakers, among them Michael Noel, Joel Oleson, Dux Sy, and Jennifer Mason!

More details on my session coming soon!

Preparing for the SharePoint Conference 2012

In a bit more than 24 hours, I’ll be leaving Singapore and flying to Los Angeles for a few days of relaxation, sightseeing, and generally just being a tourist before heading to Las Vegas on Saturday for the SharePoint Conference 2012.

At the conference, I’ll be part of the live bloggers, once again organised by Dave Coleman. I’ll post the summaries of the sessions I’ll attend over at SharePointEduTech as well as here. In addition to that, I’m planning to translate the entries into German and post them here as well (might take a few days, though, the English versions have a higher priority).
As for the sessions that I plan to attend, naturally the focus is on Office 365 / SharePoint Online, but for each timeslot I currently have at leas 2 (max 4) sessions bookmarked. I’ll do some additional refinement next week, but will still keep some options open.

If you’re at the conference and want to catch up with me, talk about SharePoint and/or Office 365, or even discuss some employment opportunities (yes, I’m looking), please contact me!

SharePoint Online RSS Viewer now supports external Feeds

There were many questions, discussions, and complaints around the RSS Viewer Web Part functionality in SharePoint Online. The Web Part is available in the Web Part gallery, but it didn’t work (connections to external feeds weren’t supported). For this reason, I created my own RSS Feed Web Part, which was (as far as I can see) quite popular.

Just now, I saw the following tweet by Mark Kashman:


I had to test it myself immediately, and I can confirm: the built-in RSS Viewer Web Part is now working with external feeds!


Even though no further development was planned for my own Web Part, this means that I will only add additional features on request from now onwards, and ignore it otherwise.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded, installed, tested, and/or used it!

Slides: Intro: SharePoint 2013 Apps for IT Pros

Here’s my slide deck from yesterday’s presentation:

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting yesterday!

On a personal note, I felt that this was one of the worse presentations I gave in the past few years. I felt as if I couldn’t manage to bring my message and thoughts across properly, and I also realised that I deviated a lot from what I was ‘saying’ during my practice sessions before (when I prepare a slide deck, I think about what I want to tell the audience both in terms of content and verbal message, and then refine that with a few dry runs). So basically, I was a bit too “dynamic” in terms of what I was actually saying (and not in a good way), and probably forgot to mention a few things that I wanted to say.
If any experienced reader here has got any suggestions for me how I can avoid something like that (I was thinking of using some notes with main points for each slide), please send me a message!

SharePoint Conference 2012 – All Sessions in a single Spreadsheet

The official session list for the SharePoint Conference 2012 (Nov 12-15 in Las Vegas) has been published last week:

Sadly, the session browser is a bit slow, and it is not possible to get a good overview of all the available sessions in my opinion. To help other people with planning which sessions to attend (well, do a pre-selection, as the actual schedule isn’t out yet), I hereby provide an inofficial spreadsheet that contains all sessions as of 30 September 2012:

SPC 12 Sessions (1958)


The information contained in this spreadsheet has been taken from and is up to date as of 30 September 2012 (any sessions added to the official site afterwards are not in the spreadsheet!)
The information in this spreadsheet is owned by Microsoft
The information in this spreadsheet is still subject to change. For the latest details, visit
This spreadsheet has NEITHER been created by Microsoft NOR has it been endorsed by them. It is meant for personal use only to help with planning which sessions to attend.

Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2013

Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2013




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Presenting at 2 User Groups (Office / SharePoint)

This week (well, tomorrow), I’ll be presenting at the Singaporean Office User Group:

Collaboration with Office Web Applications Server 2013 by Rene Modery, MVP Office 365
Take a quick peek at the new Office Web Applications Server 2013 and capabilities for enabling collaboration at a whole new level. New apps are supported, new connection models and see how the new server has been supercharged for exciting new possibilities with Microsoft Office.


Next week Tuesday, I’ll present at the SharePoint User Group:

One of the most exciting additions to SharePoint 2013 are Apps, which can be downloaded and installed from the new SharePoint Store or from a corporate catalogue. Apps offer companies a new range of options when it comes to adding new functionality. What is required to provide an infrastructure that supports them? What kind of decisions do companies need to make to govern their usage? In this session, Office 365 MVP Rene Modery will provide answers to these questions.