Year: 2015

SPBiz – Practical Advice for developing your SharePoint Roadmap

Well, I realised that I announced my presentation, but never posted the slidedeck here. Without further ado, here it is:

Updated free Visio stencils for Office 365, Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint – 2015 edition

A year ago, Microsoft released an updated set of Visio Stencils with icons for Office 365 and related products. They updated the set slightly and also provided the option to download the “older 2012 version”:

These stencils contain more than 300 icons to help you create visual representations of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 deployments including Skype for Business, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft Lync Server 2013, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. The zip file now includes both stencil sets from 2012 and 2014.

Here’s an overview of all icons in the newest version:





















Presenting at SPBiz – Practical Advice for developing your SharePoint Roadmap

On June 17th and 18th, an online SharePoint conference named SPBiz with a major focus on business-related topics will take place. I’ll participate with a session called “Practical Advice for developing your SharePoint Roadmap”:

On-premises, cloud, or both? One centralized farm or multiple farms in different geographical regions? SharePoint as an intranet, an Enterprise Content Management System, or as THE central platform for all your company’s applications? Deciding what to do with SharePoint in your organization is an important task that needs to be properly planned and aligned with business goals. Developing a roadmap can help you with getting a shared understanding of the way ahead, the initiatives to be undertaken, and the outcomes to be achieved. In this session, you will receive practical advice on how to get started and how to develop your own SharePoint roadmap.

My session will take place from 3-4pm EDT (9-10pm CET). More details can be found on the conference website, the schedule for the 17th can be seen here:

Hope to see you there!

Updates to the Office 365 Roadmap – 26 March 2015

The official Office 365 Roadmap received some updates today. Here are the changes:


Office 365 Groups Notebook Notebook enables teams to capture, compile, and share information within your Office 365 Groups experience. You’ll find the notebook In the ‘…’ menu in the group header, and you’ll be able to jump right into the notebook from any of our other groups experiences.

Compliance Center for Office 365 The Office 365 Compliance Center is one place to manage compliance across Office 365 for your organization. You can define central policies that apply across your data in Office 365, such as preserve policies that keep content in SharePoint and Exchange indefinitely or for a set time period. Links to existing SharePoint and Exchange compliance features bring together the compliance capabilities across Office 365.

Rolling Out

Edit Office 365 profile details page update The new edit profile details page experience will be available for Office 365 users via the portal web experience. You can access the new experience via the gear in the top right of the navigation bar Office 365 settings Me. The new experience will include additional features including updated web design while in edit mode, responsive page layout on smaller devices, and quick link to change your profile photo.

Updates to the Office 365 Roadmap – 17 Feb 2015

The official Office 365 Roadmap received some updates today. The 5 biggest ones are:


Office 365 Admin Center for Business
The dashboard experience has been simplified for the new business plans to highlight only the most used tasks including setup, adding new users, resetting passwords and managing subscriptions.The complete set of settings and tools are accessible from the left navigation menu.

Office 365 ISO 27018 Privacy Compliance
In the upcoming Office 365 ISO 27001 audit, Office 365 will be including the ISO 27018 Privacy controls in their assessment. Inclusion of these new controls in the ISO assessment will further help Office 365 validate to customers the level of protection Office 365 provides to protect the privacy of customer data.


Rolling Out

Clutter control and admin capabilities
We are adding capabilities to help you control some aspects for the mailbox Clutter feature. These include the ability to exclude selection communications from Clutter, enabling items such as corporate communications to bypass the Clutter model. It also adds controls to provide customer controlled sending identity for communications from the Clutter feature, such as controlling the sending name and applying a corporate identity to improve trust in the messages. The round of updates also provides admin controls to assign a specific retention tag for the Clutter folder.


In Development

About Me Update and New Authoring Tool
The Office 365 user profile page, aka “About Me,” is getting a significant update. First, it will be more user friendly in its overall presentation and how it looks and responds across all devices. This update also introduces a new page authoring tool – that at first will be used to create stories within the company – then expand to enable creation of new types of dynamic pages. These stories and pages are created within the browser and have built-in hooks to add other Office 365 content (like documents from OneDrive for Business, videos from Office 365 Video and images a document library) in a seamless way. Finally, the new “About Me” page will highlight people and people search in a whole new way – from hierachical views, to showing who people most closely work with, and even a method to send a kudo to a co-worker.

Office 365 Video Update
Office 365 Video went into First Release (FR) on 11/18/14. This update will both move Office 365 Video to the broader worldwide production environment, beyond FR customers, and bring new updates for increased mobility and improved performance. For mobility, Office 365 Video will now have a companion iPhone app in the App Store, responsive Web pages across the video portal for access across devices of all sizes (PC, Mac, Android and iOS), plus extend video playback to non-Flash capable devices via our new HTML5-based player from Azure Media Services. We, too, have taken user feedback to enable more refinement for some of the admin controls available to portal and channel owners.