Month: April 2016

Slide Deck Azure Bootcamp: Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

Last Saturday, I presented at the local Azure Bootcamp here in Singapore. My session was titled “Introduction to Azure Machine Learning”, and I was extremely happy to see that there was a great amount of people interested in it (as it was the first session of the day, some people even had to stand at the back of the room; more chairs were brought in for sessions afterwards).

Here is the slide deck I used. As for the demo, I have a mini-series in the pipeline.

Introduction to Azure Maching Learning – Speaking at Singapore Azure Bootcamp

This coming Saturday, April 16, the Global Azure Bootcamp takes place once again. As I just move back to Singapore, I’ll speak here locally on the topic of Azure Machine Learning:

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

Machine Learning runs predictive models that learn from existing data in order to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends. A practical example for this is when you swipe your credit card somewhere and the bank verifies via Machine Learning if the transaction is likely to be a fraud. An other example are online shopping recommendations based on what you want to buy and what others have purchased before.

In this session, we’ll lay the foundation for understanding the basics of Machine Learning, and see some practical examples of how it can be implemented on Azure

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