I recently started looking at the free Colligo Briefcase Lite to see if I can access my Office 365 content on my iPad, even when I’m offline. In this post, I’ll share some of my first experiences with the app.
Note: This is the free, limited version. Colligo Briefcase Pro offers more functionality, see the website for more details.

After having installed the App from the AppStore, I started to add a site:



After adding the URL (e.g. http://teamsite.sharepoint.com), and the corresponding User Name and Password that I use to access Office 365 (leaving Domain empty), I was prompted by the familiar Office 365 authentication dialog.


I entered the required details again (maybe I would not have had to enter it into the Colligo Briefcase dialog at all, as these don’t seem to work with Office 365’s special authentication mechanism?), and the app began synchronising my content straight afterwards:


As you can see, lists and libraries are shown in the left-hand navigation bar. Selecting the drop down at the top, I could also switch to a subsite.


What if you don’t want to synchronise a particular list/library, or not all of its views? Opening the list/library’s menu, you can deselect either option:


Inside a list/library, you can switch in between views. However, the only column that was always displayed was “Title”, none of my other columns showed up here20120427-152244.jpg


It took me a while to figure out that if you press on the <> bar in between the navigation and the content area, you can expand the latter, and thus see additional columns!


Selecting an individual item, I could see all properties:


Documents can be shared as attachments, and of course also be opened in other apps that support the doc’s format


This is as far as I got with testing the app. I’ll slowly use the app more and more, once I’ve got more to report I’ll do a follow-up posting.

2 thoughts on “A first glance at using Office 365 content on the iPad with Colligo Briefcase Lite”

  1. It looks like the issues I mentioned in my earlier blog (at the Mindsharp site) are still there.

    a) it still insists on authentication for the site (so anonymous access sites can’t be accessed except by the provider of them)

    b. The only Views it can handle are single level ones; with no limits in the number of posts to be shown on a page and it always shows the vies it accepts first as alphabetical in ascending order.

    Given that someone from the company saw my post and it was over a month ago, it’s disappointing that both problems are still there.

  2. Hi Mike,

    We are working on a fix for the anonymous authentication issue.

    I have contacted you separately to determine what you are seeing in issue B and try to reproduce it here.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Trevor Dyck
    Colligo Networks

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