On Tuesday morning,  I was greeted with the following email in my inbox:


I had actually already forgotten about my registration for the Office 365 beta program (too many other things on my mind), so it was quite a pleasant surprise to get access to it. As mentioned in that email, I’m on the P1 plan, which is “Office 365 for small businesses“. This plan has got a limit of only one site collection (you can’t create any more SCs, but of course you can create additional subsites), which in my opinion would be enough for most cases for SMEs. I know of other people who are on the Enterprise plan, I suppose it depends on what you “requested” when you signed up for the beta.

I haven’t had too much time so far to really start testing it, all I did so far was to set it up with my own (already existing) domain name (unless I’m under a NDA, which I’m currently checking, I’ll write about the ease of that process very soon!) and briefly looking around at all the available settings in SharePoint Online. I also briefly (well, send out 1 short test email) had a look at Exchange Online, but totally ignored Lync so far (will have a closer look at it maybe during the next week).

As I said, if I am not restricted by a NDA, I will write more about my experiences and opinions here soon, all from a more “power user” perspective (so not a standard SharePoint/Exchange administrator or SharePoint developer).

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