A very simple scenario: you’re using Yammer and SharePoint (on-premises, hosted, Office 365), and you want to display your Yammer feed on a particular SharePoint page (without using the Yammer SharePoint Web Part, e.g. because you don’t have access to it). Here’s how:


Get the instructions

Visit https://www.yammer.com/company/embed . There’s a link to a PDF file that explains the code that you need in order to integrate a specific Yammer feed into any HTML page. Simply said, you’re using JavaScript to fetch it, so it works in SharePoint Online (which usually doesn’t allow external calls) as well!


Modify the code

The PDF that I just mentioned contains the code, but here’s the example for the SPYAM community:

<script data-app-id="hyB2pTvrL36Y50py8EWj6A" src="https://assets.yammer.com/platform/yam.js"></script>
{ container: '#embedded-feed'
, network: 'spyam' // update with your own
<div id="embedded-feed"></div>

Save the code and upload it to SharePoint

Save the code above in a text file (e.g. yammer.txt), and upload it to a document library in SharePoint


Reference it on your target page

Open the page on which you want to display your feed. Bring it into edit mode, and add a Content Editor Web Part. Edit the web part, and add the path to your file under Content Link:

Click OK, save your page.


How does it look like?

If you aren’t signed in into Yammer yet, you’ll see the following login prompt:

Once you’ve signed in, the feed will load (here SPYam):



33 thoughts on “Adding your Yammer feed to SharePoint / Office 365”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your solution. I test with my sharepoint and it doesn’t show anything…
    It works in a html webpage but not in content editor webpart, there is nothing at all.
    Can you help me ?
    Best regards

    1. Hi okin,

      can you confirm that you followed the steps above and added the code into a text file, and then reference it from a CEWP?
      Also, can you open your browser’s console (e.g. fia the Internet Explorer Developer Tools) to check if there are any JavaScript errors?
      No output at all sounds like as if there was some JavaScript error that prevented it from excecuting and loading the Yammer feed

  2. Great post Rene, if you are using the new Office365 you can also use Insert –> Embed Code and simply paste the snippet in.

  3. Thank you for your instructions but i have a little problem.
    I have modified the code following the instructions of PDF. I saved the file (yammer.txt), and i have opened a page, bringed it to edit mode and add a Content Editor, exactly like your instructions.

    After that when i open this page It does not work, It does not appear in my page. I bring the page to edit mode, edit the Content Editor, view it and cancel, and start to work de Feed!!!!

    Any idea?

      1. Hi Rene Modery and Alexandru Dionisie,
        Your instructions were that applied but did not work. The problem is the same like Alexandru.

  4. I tried to add Yammer into SharePoint, but without luck.
    In Edit Mode, I can see the Log In button, but after I save the changes and close the Edit Mode, the SharePoint page is blank.
    I tried with the embed command, but no luck.
    I must mention that I used Windows 8 with IE 10 on 64 bit. I was testing it on a Office 365 Wave 15 trial account (the final version, not Preview).

      1. Hello Rene,

        The site was already added there.
        The problem is that after I save and exit the Edit mode, the content is not shown.
        In Edit Mode I can see what’s on Yammer.
        I also tried this on Windows XP and IE 8 on 32 bit and it’s the same.
        The content is available only in Edit Mode. 🙁

        That it’s not the only one. The same thing it’s happening for Facebook and Twitter.
        In O365 Wave 14 I am able to add them, but in O365 Wave 15 not.
        That’s weird.

    1. Hi Alexandru, did you find a solution for this? I have the exact same problem in SharePoint 2013. Using the script editor, embedding code from Yammer, and it rendering the yammer feed just fine, and everything looks ok in edit mode. However, when I save the page, the script editor goes blank..

  5. Hi I have followed the same steps mentioned by you. Have created the txt file placed this code in it.

    { container: ‘#embedded-feed’
    , network: ‘microsoft.com’
    , feedType: “group”
    , feedId: “85718”

    Post this when I am linking it with my content editor web part, nothing is getting displayed onto the page.
    Also I have add the yammer.com into the trusted zone.
    Kindly help


    1. I have a question.. does embed html code works only on team site and no on publishing portals.
      and the share point web part about which they talk in the pdf file does it works with the publishing portals ?

  6. Works great for me! but how can I like to show the threads that a user is following and not “all” the treads. How can I do that?

  7. Hi
    I am very new to Yammer development, and I am looking at embedding a yammer feed into my windows form application? any leads?

    Thanks in advance

  8. Dear Rene
    Thanks for this Post. Have you also experiences with the like button from Yammer in SharePoint? I get always a null exception.

    Have a nice day!

  9. I get an error when a user who does not have a yammer account logs in. otherwise yammer code is working.

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