I just arrived today here in Las Vegas. After checking in at the hotel at around 4:40pm, I realised that I was too tired to go out and attend the welcome reception of The Experts Conference, and decided to sleep instead after some 25 hours of travel. I’ve meanwhile woken up again (though it’s now only 10:40pm), but will of course try to sleep some more to feel fresh tomorrow morning.

Attending this conference was quite last minute. Last week, Dux contacted me, asking if I was still interested in coming. He had a small competition on his blog, giving away one free pass for the conference. And while initially someone else got the pass, he couldn’t make it here and I was given the opportunity instead. Many thanks to Dux here!

My boss supported this as soon as I told her, and getting approval for the trip was quite smooth. Many thanks to my company here. And of course, many thanks also go to my wife who was supporting me and being very understanding, as we are currently quite busy with preparing to move into our own flat within the next few weeks.

Having said all that, I’m looking forward to some three exciting conference days, in which I’ll hopefully get to meet a lot new people, and learn a lot of new things about SharePoint.

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