This will be a very short post (at least in words, still a lot to scroll). I was looking at the Web Parts that are available with the Office 365 P1 subscription and was surprised about the extremely short list (didn’t filter out the Lists and Libraries Web Parts):

You can activate the Search Server Web Parts if you go to the Site Collection settings, giving a slightly bigger range:


Where’s my beloved Content Query Web Part?? Why no Filter Web Parts?

I then proceeded to check my E3 account to see if there are more available there. And here’s the list of available Web Parts in the Enterprise plans (E1, E2, E3, E4) (Warning: prepare to scroll; also, again I didn’t filter out the Lists and Libraries Web Parts):

Already much better, but still no Content Query Web Part.

Update: The CQWP is part of the Publishing Infrastructure in SharePoint, thus this feature needs to be activated. As Publishing is only available for the Enterprise plans and not the Small Business plan (P1), you can have the CQWP only in the E plans with activated Publishing

3 thoughts on “Available Web Parts in Office 365”

  1. Hi Rob,
    yes I did. Not sure why it didn’t work in my trial account before, but in my paid account when I activate the Publishing features (only part of Enterprise plans, not part of the Small Business plan (P1)), it’s there (the CQWP is part of the Publishing Infrastructure)

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