Note: Wow, this article was in a nearly finished state for nearly a year now (last edit: March 2012)….better late than never!

Back in May 2011, I took the beta exam for Microsoft Office Specialist – SharePoint 2010 (77-886), and heard in July that I had passed. Later that year (2011), I got the ebook MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® Office SharePoint® by Geoff Evelyn from O’Reilly, here’s my review:

The Study Guide here is, as the name says, intended to help people prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist – SharePoint 2010 exam. It is not meant for people who are new to SharePoint, but rather targets an audience that already has some experience with SharePoint (for example as a site owner). It helps them by following the “Skills Measured” section of the exam  in exact detail. All items listed on the exam page are covered with step-by-step instructions in the book, when needed with some additional background information as well. Geoff explains everything in simple to understand terms, and avoids technical jargon as much as possible.

Understandably, what this book does not do is explain in detail how you can set up your own test environment (this goes way beyond the skillset that one may expect from someone taking this exam, though the book does provide a link if you want to), and simply suggests to use an externally-hosted environment. This is where I would have preferred to see a little more information, as some people may not know where to turn to in order to prepare for the exam.

All in all, the book should provide anyone (still) planning to take the exam a very good preparation in order to pass the exam.

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