Using Assembla’s free Subversion service within a Cloudshare SharePoint development environment

After being tempted by CloudShare for a while now, I finally went ahead and got a subscription. One of the reasons for this is that I want to be able to do some SharePoint/Office 365 development wherever I am, even if my laptop is not with me (basically, that currently means that I do it from either my laptop at home or my laptop at work). To keep my code Details

Using Multiple Monitors with your CloudShare Machine

If you have multiple monitors, like me, you’re probably very used to having your development area (Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, NotePad++, whatever) on one screen, and a browser (or PDF reader, or other tool to support you) on another screen. As I recently subscribed to CloudShare to do some SharePoint and Office 365 development, I found my development efforts a bit limited by the in-browser RDP client, as you can Details

Why does this look so weird – blog migration to WordPress

If you visit my blog now, you’ll notice that the design is completely different, and looks more like a standard template than my previous customised design. The reason for this is quite simple: I migrated from the blogging platform Lifetype, which I’ve been using since 2005, to WordPress, which is just much better (templates, plugins, development, …). I’m still in the process of fixing things, so the design and all Details

Lync and Learn – Introduction on how businesses can benefit from SharePoint Online

Online Webinar Date/Time: Thursday November 17th, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. (1 Hour presentation) (click here to find out about the correct time in your local time zone) Next week, I’ll give an introduction on how businesses can benefit from SharePoint Online. Attend my session if your organization is using Office 365 or planning to use it, and if you want to find out more about the capabilities of SharePoint Details

Using Gmail as your email centre with your own domain email address and an iPhone

One of the smaller "issues" with having my own domain on a normal (nothing fancy) web server (in fact, just some web space, it’s not the whole server) is that the webmail interface I’m using (provided by the hoster) is extremely simple. Searching through mails is inconvenient, I can only write plaintext emails (no images, no formatting….), etc.  That’s why I’ve been using Outlook to grab my emails via POP3. Details