Over the past few years, I’ve subscribed to the RSS feeds of a lot of SharePoint blogs. Personally, I use Google reader for this as I prefer to be able to read it (theoretically) from anywhere.

I suppose some people (anyone just starting with SharePoint; people who haven’t really subscribed to a lot of feeds (yet); blog junkies like myself) could be quite interested in the (currently 203 feeds long) list of blogs that I subscribe to, so here it is:

Follow this link for the OPML file which you can import in different RSS readers, like for example Google Reader, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Here’s the direct link to my “bundle” created by Google reader which you could subscribe to.

And lastly, here’s the overview of all blogs that I read: (not working at the moment, use links above)

If you know any other interesting SharePoint blogs that I haven’t added here, PLEASE let me know! I’ll gladly add more valuable feeds to my list.

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