Does at least one of the f0llowing sound familiar to you?

  • You received an email in Outlook and want to save either the email itself or its attachments to SharePoint Online (Office 365)?
  • You have some files in your Office 365 Team Site (or anywhere else in SharePoint Online) and want to email them to somebody else?
  • Or you want to send links to some files on SharePoint Online to somebody?

A free tool (the Express version is free, an Enterprise version is available as well) to help you with all this is OnePlaceMail from Australian company Scinaptic


I’ve been using it actively for a few months to store important emails quickly in SharePoint Online, and¬†occasionally also to send out files.¬†The free version comes with some smaller popups, but hey, it’s free!

If you want to learn more about this product, have a look at either Joel Oleson’s blog where he does a review, or visit Cameron Dwyer (from Scinaptic)’s blog for even more information.

Note: Some other alternatives are and Colligo Contributor, both which I haven’t looked at in more detail.

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