In early March 2006, I arrived in Singapore for what I thought would be a limited time only: an 8 months internship and the plan to graduate afterwards and start working in Germany. Obviously, things changed a bit, and I fell in love with the country here. That’s why I came back to Singapore in September 2007, and have been here ever since.

During the past 5 1/2 years I’ve been working exclusively with SharePoint (2007 and 2010), and have been working for a German as well as a Swiss company. I have learned a lot in these past years (not just regarding SharePoint, but IT in general, soft skills, and all that other stuff that comes with a job), and I can thankfully say that I have had the chance to work with and for some very supportive managers and colleagues. From a personal perspective, the biggest change was meeting my wife, completely surprising her by proposing at a very unexpected moment and later getting married to her, and buying a flat with her.

It is now time for another big move. Starting 1 June 2013, I will be working in Zurich, Switzerland, for 1stQuad Solutions. I will have the opportunity to work a lot more with my big passion, Office 365, and also do a lot more community work, naturally mostly in German (so, if you’re in the DACH region, get in touch with me!). My wife and I are of course very excited about this new opportunity, and the chance to experience living in a new city and country. My last day with my current company will be in April, followed by a short holiday trip to Bali with my wife. In May, we’ll be flying to Germany to visit my family, and move to Switzerland towards the end of that month.

Note: I’ll be available for some freelance work (SharePoint / Office 365) from mid April onwards for around 5-6 weeks, if you think I can be of help, or want to recommend me to someone, let me know.

Does moving to a German-speaking country have any impact on my blog? I’m considering writing articles in English and in German, but haven’t fully decided yet if and how I’ll do that. One option could be to write in German on the company blog, and to write in English on my blog here. Either way, I hope to get more content on Office 365 published.



9 thoughts on “Goodbye Singapore, Grüezi Switzerland: A New Opportunity”

  1. All the best Rene I have been following your blog (in english) for over a year and I to have a passion for the 0365 offering and I have learnt alot from you so please keep up the great work. By the way I follow your blog via Feedly in Chrome 😉

  2. Hi Rene,
    Welcome back to Europe!!!
    May you have a good Reintegration when
    comming back. And be aware of the culture-
    shock you’ll definitely will have.

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