Well, it’s been a while since I wrote something here. As I changed my job in April last year, I also had a change in job scope – away from daily operational work (it’s been MONTHS since I last ran a PowerShell script!), on to more project and strategy focused activities. A good amount of the content on my blog originated from this daily work (scripts, how to do xzy, etc.) which no longer occurs, so there was less to write about since then. Writing about my ‘new’ activities is something I was considering previously, and will definitely do in the upcoming weeks and months.

I haven’t been fully idle, though, as I was speaking and organising events here in Singapore. We had a few SharePoint+Office 365 user group meetings, a small group of us MVPs organised aOS Singapore and aOS Kuala Lumpur (second year for both of them, and 2020 events are currently in the planning stage), and I presented at the Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp.

For the next few months, there are a few events which I’m very excited to participate:

Webinar: 6 Practical Tips to Mastering Office 365 Groups

On 27 February, I’ll join AvePoint CMO/Microsoft MVP+RD Dux Raymond Sy as we’ll host a webinar on 6 Practical Tips to Mastering Office 365 Groups. We’ll talk about:

  • The different types of Office 365 Groups including their adjacent work spaces
  • The interconnected nature of Groups and how their settings can impact multiple tools
  • The many ways users can create and delete Groups in Office 365 along with best practices
  • The power of Group Owners and how to help them make the right choices when maintaining Groups

Registration is possible here.

TeamsFest 2020

Next up is TeamsFest 2020, taking place on 1 April. TeamsFest is a 1 day virtual conference, and I’ll present on Integrating Microsoft Teams and PowerApps.

As the central hub for your teamwork, Microsoft Teams allows you to leverage not only its own capabilities, but also utilise other applications. Learn in this session how you can integrate new or existing Power Apps in Teams, and help your team become even more productive

European Collaboration Summit

And last but very much not least, I’ve got the honour of speaking at the European Collaboration Summit, taking place from 8-10 June in Wiesbaden, Germany. With 160 sessions, 6 keynotes, 30 Microsoft Speakers and 104 MVPs, this conference is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. This is the highlight of the year for me, as I only attended once but never had the opportunity to speak there so far. I’m really looking forward to meeting once again a lot of people I interact with regularly online, but only get to meet every few years.

As for my session, I’ll talk about External file sharing in Microsoft 365:

Microsoft 365 provides you with the possibility to share and collaborate on content not just with internal colleagues, but also with people outside of your organisation, such as partners, vendors, and clients. In this session, we have a look at the functionalities that allow you to share content from Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. Additionally, we will look at the controls that are available to administrate the sharing experience. Lastly, we will have a look at methods for your to find out where external users have access in your environment, and what kind of activities they have been doing.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

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