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  1. I attended your session at SPCSEA 2011 in Singapore, however, I honestly thought that your session was very bad. Don’t get me wrong because I thought you just had a few experiences on SharePoint. It would be good if you didn’t talk over there because of lacking in your thought.
    You should get more experiences prior to registering speaking at big conference.

  2. Hi Ziang,
    sorry to hear that you didn’t like my session, but I’m having some trouble understanding the reason why.
    While I certainly don’t have as much knowledge as for example Michael Noel or Wictor Wilen, I don’t think that I have only a bit of experience with SharePoint. Also, speakers at conferences should not only big names, but also “normal people” from companies who simply want to share their experiences (e.g. the first session in the Voice of a Customer track was highly interesting. Piyali and Dennis from Standard Chartered gave a very good overview of how they work with SharePoint, where it helped them, and where they still need to improve)
    But I would love to hear it in more detail from you, so basically could you explain in which areas you think I lack experience, or what your expectations for the session were and where they fell short, or anything else.
    Either here as a reply, or you can also email me at rene@modery.net

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