My family and myself moved from Singapore to Switzerland in May last year, and I had the opportunity to work as a SharePoint and Office 365 consultant in a small, but aspiring consultancy. And while the initially expected possibility to work with Office 365 turned out to be fairly small in the end, I was still able to learn quite a lot – be it preparing proposals, creating documentation, investigating server issues, or creating solutions. Earlier this year, another job opportunity came up, and for the first time in my life I had to choose between two really interesting and challenging roles. As the post title suggest, I chose the new role in the end. Thus, since the beginning of July, I’ve been working as a Collaboration & SharePoint Applications Teamlead for a large MNC. As the long job title implies, I’m leading a small team of SharePoint (and generally, collaboration applications) specialists. Our team focuses on the applications side of SharePoint, meaning we’re working closely with the business to deliver valuable solutions, while the platform team helps to provide a stable and performing infrastructure.

This move has brought a few changes with it for me personally. For one, while I was previously quite busy with a lot of things that kept me from blogging, I’ve been spending even less time on my blog ever since I changed roles. Part of this is due to a change in what I’m doing (see above), partially also because I tend to spent more time with my family after work (seeing your small daughter grow up is simply something that I wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world) instead of “exploring the latest and greatest in technology”. The scope of my work has also changed from a nearly purely technical nature with a bit of “other stuff” (project involvement, documentation, governance, …) to one where I’m working more on the “softer side of SharePoint” and spend more time with developing a governance plan, contributing to or leading projects, and generally shaping the future of SharePoint within the organization. This also means that during the past few months, my community involvement has been extremely little. I hope to be able to pick up the pace again, but quite likely I’ll be contributing less actively than previously.

Nevertheless, there are a few smaller things that I want to write about soon, and some smaller projects that I am running on the side at the moment. So while there has been nothing new here for a while, you can look forward to at least a bit more content soon!

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