You have a couple of files within a SharePoint Online document library which you want to move within the same library, for example to a new folder.


Note: The following steps are only available in the ‘Modern Experience’ for document libraries. If you’re still using the ‘Classic Experience’ (for example because your tenant settings have been configured to use Classic), then you can’t make use of this new functionality yet.

In my example here, I have a library with 4 reports as well as a newly created ‘Reports’ folder. I want to move the 4 reports into the new folder.move-copy-files-sharepoint-online-1


Select all files that you want to copy or move. The options for the library change and you can now see ‘Delete’, ‘Move to’, and ‘Copy to’. I’m going to use ‘Move to’
The next step now is to choose where to move the items to. Moving and Copying is only possible within the same library, at the moment you can’t move/copy documents to other libraries. You can also create a new Folder in the current location that you navigated to in the sidepane.move-copy-files-sharepoint-online-3


After I selected where I want to move my documents, I simply need to click the ‘Move here’ button.move-copy-files-sharepoint-online-4


And that’s it, my 4 reports are now in my newly created folder.



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