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Office 365 Total Cost of Ownership Tool

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Hybrid for SharePoint Server 2013
THE central site for any Microsoft content on hybrid environments. Link to one-way Hybrid, two-way hybrid, and BCS technical resources is provided

Get your head in the cloud: Hybrid for SharePoint Server 2013/Office 365
General overview page

Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2013
Provides a general overview of Search in a hybrid environment

Channel 9 – SPC2014 – SharePoint on-premises, in the cloud, and everything in between
This IT Pro track overview session will focus on what’s new and coming soon for SharePoint 2013 on-premises – including highlights of SP1. Going further, we’ll expose how online and hybrid improvements increase both deployment scenarios and value, this includes upcoming updates and capabilities

Channel 9 – SPC2014 – SharePoint 2013 hybrid end-to-end
This session will arm you with the information necessary to help your customers plan Hybrid deployments connecting SharePoint 2013 on-premises with Office365 and enabling a comprehensive Search experience that spans the two

Channel 9 – SPC2014 – Configuring Hybrid Business Connectivity Services with SharePoint 2013
The Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) hybrid deployment scenario allows you to securely publish on-premises data to an external list or app for SharePoint in SharePoint Online. Users can then view and edit the data, depending on the permissions they have. In this session you’ll learn about considerations when configuring hybrid BCS implementation, best practices, and deployment recommendations.

Channel 9 – SPC2014 – Configuring Hybrid Search with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online
A hybrid Search approach enables end users to get and view search results from both indexes from a single search query. In this session you’ll learn about considerations when configuring hybrid search, best practices, and deployment and implementation recommendations.

Channel 9 – SPC2014 – Authentication patterns for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365
Can single sign on be accomplished with SharePoint? How do I integrate my on premise apps with the cloud in a secure manner? I need to authenticate devices, how can SharePoint help me? This session will provide you with the positive options available for answering these and several other authentication questions.

Webinar: Developing an Effective Search Strategy for Office 365 and Hybrid Deployments
Watch the Webinar presented by Netwoven and BA Insight on Developing an Effective Search Strategy for Office 365 and Hybrid Deployments.



Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365
Less technical (was created for SharePoint 2010, but still mostly valid), focussing more on planning and governance aspects

Free Paper – “Governance and Administration for Hybrid Deployments” by Axceler / Chris Beckett

Governing and Managing Hybrid SharePoint Environments – webinar by Randy Williams (slides). The recording is available as well

A Governance Guide for Hybrid SharePoint Migrations by Quest / Chris Beckett

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Exchange Server 2013 Hybrid Environments
Best resource from Microsoft

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