There are many situations where you want to provide multiple email addresses for one user. For example, you might want to assign the email address to your HR manager Maggie, who also uses her default address Or your CEO may want to have the "vanity address" Additionally, you may want to add addresses in the format so that Maggie also receives email send to

To set up additional email addresses for an account (which does not require any additional licenses, as these are not accounts, but "normal" email addresses only).

Log in as the administrator, and go to the administration site. On the Overview page, click on General settings under Outlook

You get to see a list of all accounts. Select the account for which you want to provide an additional email address and click on Details


A new window pops up with several sections related to the account’s details. Scroll down until you see E-Mail Options and expand it. The account’s primary email address (which is the user’s login) will be displayed as well as any other already existing email addresses. Click on Add… to add a new address.

Yet another window opens, where you can enter the desired prefix for the address as well as the domain.

As the P1 plan only allows you to add one domain to your Office 365 account, you will only get to see a list of three options for the domain here: your microsoft domain (, your own domain ( as well as your own domain with www in front of it (

If you select an email address that is already in use, an error will be shown:

Please note that your primary email address is still the address used for sending and receiving email. Any other email accounts will forward their incoming mails to this account, but cannot be used for sending.

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