This is going to be a very short posting, but something that I came across twice recently, so I just quickly wanted to share it.

Let’s say you’ve got Publishing activated, but when you open a page you’ve got “Pages – ” in front of the actual name of the page. For example, you have a page called Home, and when you open it your browser shows it the following way:

When you look at your Master Page, you’ll see that the title is actually defined through a placeholder:

Where is this placeholder replaced with the actual title? In the Page Layout that your pages are using!

Looking at the custom Page Layout that I used, I found the following snippet:

The two important lines here are 36 & 37. Line 36 adds the list’s name (in our case, Pages), line 37 (<SharePointWebControls:FieldValue FieldName=”Title” runat=”server”/>) adds the title value of the page (so the actual title).

After I removed line 36 (and removed the dash from line 37), the pages’ titles are now displayed as I wanted them to:

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