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  1. Hello, I am surprised to find Microsoft still advising that the rename capability is not available. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/change-your-sharepoint-domain-name

    I am clear on the domain name change – which is impossible – but there is also a TIP about the change of site URLs… “To change the name of a site, for example, from https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/sample1 to https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/sample2, you need to create a new site and then move all the content from the old site to the new one”

    Also, in my SharePoint admin panel the change URL option is not available… So I wonder whether you activated a pre-release function or should every user be able to see this functionality?


    1. Hi Thomas,

      The tip on that page probably just hasn’t been updated yet, I would say, so I suggest to simply ignore it for the moment. I submitted a PR to get the page updated.
      The functionality should be available – are you in the modern SharePoint admin center? And do you see the “Edit” button when you click on the “info” icon?

      1. Hi Rene,

        I can’t see the edit button beside the “URL” field for a site that i want to change the URL of in my demo tenant. Is there any setting i have to change to make i available?

        And is it possible to rename the URL back to the original URL, if i am able to make a change?

        For example: if i have a site with the URL: “/sites/TestSite” and i am able to change the URL to “/sites/TestSiteRenamed”, can i change it back to “/sites/TestSite”?

  2. Hi Rene, thanks for your response.

    Just to confirm that I use O365 modern interface and neither in the ‘SharePoint Admin active sites’ nor ‘O365 admin Groups’ there is edit URL button, only edit description (Groups admin) and edit hub association (Active sites).

    So, it very much looks as if MVP tenants are different from the rest? Or it is due to regional restrictions? Or there is an activation/enablement switch somewhere?

  3. Not being able to rename the tenant URL is a big problem that many growing company will it. Rebranding and buyouts mean company names often change. Not so sure why it’s so hard.

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