The official session list for the SharePoint Conference 2012 (Nov 12-15 in Las Vegas) has been published last week:

Sadly, the session browser is a bit slow, and it is not possible to get a good overview of all the available sessions in my opinion. To help other people with planning which sessions to attend (well, do a pre-selection, as the actual schedule isn’t out yet), I hereby provide an inofficial spreadsheet that contains all sessions as of 30 September 2012:

[download id=”6″]


The information contained in this spreadsheet has been taken from and is up to date as of 30 September 2012 (any sessions added to the official site afterwards are not in the spreadsheet!)
The information in this spreadsheet is owned by Microsoft
The information in this spreadsheet is still subject to change. For the latest details, visit
This spreadsheet has NEITHER been created by Microsoft NOR has it been endorsed by them. It is meant for personal use only to help with planning which sessions to attend.

4 thoughts on “SharePoint Conference 2012 – All Sessions in a single Spreadsheet”

  1. Rene, this resource is extremely helpful for SharePoint Conference attendees. I’ll print this out and add to my #SPC12 Survival kit to make things easier. Thanks for taking the time to put this together and I look forward to catching up with you at SPC12.

  2. Thanks guys, glad that you find it helpful! I think some 30 or so additional sessions were posted in the meantime, so the info is (as mentioned above and in the spreadsheet) definitely no longer current. But until there’s some official session planner, I think it can help a lot of people to prepare.
    I already chose some sessions that I definitely want to attend

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