Here are my favourite links for this week:

As I’ve been working extensively with Waldek’s Imtech Content Query Web Part for the past week (paging in the CQWP was a requirement for several pages on our redesigned intranet), it should be the first link mentioned:

Equally important is the following blog post by Geoff Varosky, who describes in much detail some customisations for and how to implement said CQWP, which helped me to save a lot of work:

Going through some older unread Google Reader items, I found the following post by Henry Ong, who provides a PowerShell script for some basic (but good!) reporting functionality. If you want to easily and quickly get an overview of your farm, visit the following link:

And lastly, I saw a mention on twitter for this nearly 6 year old blog post by Scott Guthrie who describes how to shut-down an ASP.NET web application (thus, it also works for SharePoint!) by simply placing a file into the web apps main folder:

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