At the recent SharePoint Saturday India Online, I was presenting on the topic “Connecting Office 365 and Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript Apps”. The sessions was all about how to get started with developing Windows 8 apps and including data from Office 365 in them, including the very important “how to authenticate against Office 365”. As promised, you can find the source code from my proof of concept app (as mentioned during the presentation there’s still lots missing!), the presentation itself, as well as any additional important links


The Code

The Visual Studio project can be found here: [download id=”1″].
Once again, this is not a full app, but rather a proof of concept. There are many things missing (exception handling, splash screen, resume/standby handling, data caching, login management, …) which I leave up to you to implement. Have fun extending the code, correcting it, and making it better!


The Presentation

View it on slideshare


The Links

Setting up your environment

Download Windows 8 & Visual Studio 2012 Express:


Wictor Wilen’s blog post “How to do active authentication to Office 365 and SharePoint Online”

Luc Stakenborg’s blog post “Remote authentication in SharePoint Online”

Windows 8 App development

Create your first Metro style app using JavaScript

Creating Windows Runtime Components in C# and Visual Basic

 Additional Tools

SPServices (create your queries here and watch the requests with Fiddler to get proper SOAP envelopes if you don’t want to write them yourself)

Fiddler Web Debugger



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