My slide deck from tonight’s SharePoint User Group meeting here in Singapore is now online:

After the session I realised that I forgot to mention a few things, but I hope it was still quite easy to understand. I also planned for more time initially as I was the only speaker for tonight, however we had a last-minute speaker with Allen Stewart from Microsoft who held a Q&A with us on virtualization. So my session was a bit “hurried” in some places, and I couldn’t go into as much detail as I had planned, but for a good reason!

Thanks again to everyone who joined!

PS: SharePoint Magazine just published an article called A jQuery Primer for SharePoint: Selectors, Attributes, and Traversing – Oh My! – highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “Slide deck online: Introduction to using jQuery with SharePoint”

  1. It’s impossible to cover enough of this stuff in an hour or less, isn’t it Rene? I keep coming up with different flavors of my presentations so that I can cover more.
    Thanks for the mentions and the kind words about SPServices. Feel free to send folks my way if they’d like to know more than what you can tell them (which is a lot!).

  2. Hi Marc, it really is! I spoke for more than an hour (I planned to do so initially anyway, but due to having a second speaker last-minute I had to try to reduce the time), talked and talked and talked, and still felt that I didn’t cover the basics fully (well, thinking about it, you probably could spend hours just talking about selectors anyway, so where to draw the line).
    Was really glad that I could show the local audience how much you can achieve with jQuery and especially SPServices, and even more importantly with how little effort. Like how beneficial a simple call of SPDisplayRelatedInfo can be! So I have to say thank you to you and all other contributors 🙂

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