Here’s my slide deck from yesterday’s presentation:

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting yesterday!

On a personal note, I felt that this was one of the worse presentations I gave in the past few years. I felt as if I couldn’t manage to bring my message and thoughts across properly, and I also realised that I deviated a lot from what I was ‘saying’ during my practice sessions before (when I prepare a slide deck, I think about what I want to tell the audience both in terms of content and verbal message, and then refine that with a few dry runs). So basically, I was a bit too “dynamic” in terms of what I was actually saying (and not in a good way), and probably forgot to mention a few things that I wanted to say.
If any experienced reader here has got any suggestions for me how I can avoid something like that (I was thinking of using some notes with main points for each slide), please send me a message!

2 thoughts on “Slides: Intro: SharePoint 2013 Apps for IT Pros”

  1. One thing that is really unexpected is the in-stability of CloudShare yesterday night. So the switching from VM Office365 Slides is a little messy. I would really love to hear about how IT Manager can managed those Apps downloaded easily, like how they could purchase a hundred of those licenses and then release for use. Is there any complex / custom workflow we can put in place or extend out from the Apps?

    All in all, great work and you really did well. 🙂

  2. I had some issues the day after as well, but not really anything else before and after that. Really strange.

    Yes, managing all apps will be a big challenge for larger enterprises. I suppose that there’ll be some 3rd party tools available soon as well

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