As it is not possible to switch from a Small Business plan (P1) to an Enterprise plan (E1-E4) and vice versa, it is of uttermost importance to make the right decision right from the start. Nothing worse than starting with a P1 plan and realising after 3 months that you need features that are only available in an Enterprise plan.

For this reason, I created a simple flowchart that can help you in making that decision. While I generally tend to suggest to start with an E1 plan and only in rare exceptions use the P1 plan, you may find here some information that will justify your decision to start with any of the E plans.

Please note the following: I do not differentiate between the different E plans and their contents, deciding which one to use here is probably worth another similar flowchart. Also, I do not say that the information in the flowchart is complete, these are simply the items that I think are usually most important. Lastly, as mentioned above, remember that you cannot switch from a P plan to an E plan, thus if you are unsure and you think you might need any of the Enterprise plan features in the future, you should really consider starting with one of the E plans (coming at a higher cost, of course; P1 is US$6, E1 is US$10).

Below the flowchart here you can find the download links for the original Visio document as well as the PDF version:

Office 365 - Plan Decision Flowchart

Download Flowchart:
[download id=”2″] (for Microsoft Visio)
[download id=”3″]

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