Update 13 May 2019: In case I find other good study guides online, I’ll link to them from here,
Here’s another study guide by fellow MVP Becky Bertram. While a good number of links are the same for both our guides, she also linked to a few other resources, so check it out:

Back in February, I took the new MS-301 Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid exam (besides the MS-300, for which I also published a study guide), and thanks to my experience (and to a certain extent based on my preparation), I managed to pass it. While I did not prepare as much as I could/should have, I still created a list of pages to go through. These are mostly starting points, the list below is not meant to be complete. Generally, my recommendation is to go through the contents of each page, follow the links to subpages or related pages, and if you still think you don’t understand the topic fully, check for additional content.

Configure and Manage SharePoint On-Premises (55-60%) 

Configure and Manage Hybrid Scenarios (30-35%) 

Migrate to SharePoint Online (5-10%) 

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