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Slides: Intro: SharePoint 2013 Apps for IT Pros

Here’s my slide deck from yesterday’s presentation:


Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting yesterday!

On a personal note, I felt that this was one of the worse presentations I gave in the past few years. I felt as if I couldn’t manage to bring my message and thoughts across properly, and I also realised that I deviated a lot from what I was ‘saying’ during my practice sessions before (when I prepare a slide deck, I think about what I want to tell the audience both in terms of content and verbal message, and then refine that with a few dry runs). So basically, I was a bit too “dynamic” in terms of what I was actually saying (and not in a good way), and probably forgot to mention a few things that I wanted to say.
If any experienced reader here has got any suggestions for me how I can avoid something like that (I was thinking of using some notes with main points for each slide), please send me a message!

Presenting at 2 User Groups (Office / SharePoint)

This week (well, tomorrow), I’ll be presenting at the Singaporean Office User Group:

Collaboration with Office Web Applications Server 2013 by Rene Modery, MVP Office 365
Take a quick peek at the new Office Web Applications Server 2013 and capabilities for enabling collaboration at a whole new level. New apps are supported, new connection models and see how the new server has been supercharged for exciting new possibilities with Microsoft Office.


Next week Tuesday, I’ll present at the SharePoint User Group:

One of the most exciting additions to SharePoint 2013 are Apps, which can be downloaded and installed from the new SharePoint Store or from a corporate catalogue. Apps offer companies a new range of options when it comes to adding new functionality. What is required to provide an infrastructure that supports them? What kind of decisions do companies need to make to govern their usage? In this session, Office 365 MVP Rene Modery will provide answers to these questions.