Creating OneNote notebooks in SharePoint via JSOM

This article has been published originally in German on the 1stQuad company blog. With server-side code, it is fairly easy to create OneNote notebooks in SharePoint. In this article, I want to explain briefly how to achieve this with the  JavaScript Object Model (JSOM). In a current project, one of the requirements was to create OneNote notebooks automatically in Office 365. This had to happen either with out-of-the-box functionality or Details

Flash/JavaScript Video not working in SharePoint

Situation We just ran into a funny issue with playing videos in SharePoint. We’re using tje JavaScript library¬†flowplayer to play video files on our company intranet with the help of Flash, as I mentioned and demoed e.g. here and here. What we wanted to do next is to provide this functionality also on other servers (not just Asia Pacific, but globally). Besides flowplayer, we also looked at JW Player as Details

SharePoint Saturday India Online: Connecting Office 365 and Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript Apps

At the recent SharePoint Saturday India Online, I was presenting on the topic “Connecting Office 365 and Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript Apps”. The sessions was all about how to get started with developing Windows 8 apps and including data from Office 365 in them, including the very important “how to authenticate against Office 365”. As promised, you can find the source code from my proof of concept app (as mentioned during Details