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Presenting at 2 User Groups (Office / SharePoint)

This week (well, tomorrow), I’ll be presenting at the Singaporean Office User Group:

Collaboration with Office Web Applications Server 2013 by Rene Modery, MVP Office 365
Take a quick peek at the new Office Web Applications Server 2013 and capabilities for enabling collaboration at a whole new level. New apps are supported, new connection models and see how the new server has been supercharged for exciting new possibilities with Microsoft Office.


Next week Tuesday, I’ll present at the SharePoint User Group:

One of the most exciting additions to SharePoint 2013 are Apps, which can be downloaded and installed from the new SharePoint Store or from a corporate catalogue. Apps offer companies a new range of options when it comes to adding new functionality. What is required to provide an infrastructure that supports them? What kind of decisions do companies need to make to govern their usage? In this session, Office 365 MVP Rene Modery will provide answers to these questions.




Opening Office documents received in Outlook Web App directly in the browser

It is now possible to view documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) that one received through a Office 365 account (so viewing them in Outlook Web App) directly in a browser.

For example, I received an email with an attached PowerPoint presentation:


If I now want to quickly have a look at the presentation without opening it in PowerPoint, I can simply click on Open in Browser next to the attachment to view it in the corresponding Office Web App:

A new window pops up and shows the file in OWA, here PowerPoint:

The big benefit of this is that not the whole file needs to be downloaded in order to see it, having a quick look at the file is much easier and faster.