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SharePoint Online RSS Viewer now supports external Feeds

There were many questions, discussions, and complaints around the RSS Viewer Web Part functionality in SharePoint Online. The Web Part is available in the Web Part gallery, but it didn’t work (connections to external feeds weren’t supported). For this reason, I created my own RSS Feed Web Part, which was (as far as I can see) quite popular.

Just now, I saw the following tweet by Mark Kashman:


I had to test it myself immediately, and I can confirm: the built-in RSS Viewer Web Part is now working with external feeds!


Even though no further development was planned for my own Web Part, this means that I will only add additional features on request from now onwards, and ignore it otherwise.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded, installed, tested, and/or used it!

Updated Release: RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365

Update: SharePoint Online RSS Viewer now supports external feeds


A long overdue update for my RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365. New to the web part? Have a look at the release history:
August 2011
March 2012

What has been changed?

The first change was in the JavaScript code. There were some issues when you were using this web part on a secure site (with SSL), as the call to the Google API was done through a non-secured regular http session instead of https, so that some users got a browser warning. The code now checks if you’re using https (as the E Plans do, for example), and then calls the Google API accordingly:


Secondly, I added some support for debugging (thanks to Peter Reid for this), in case you want to use the source code and modify it yourself:


The third and last change is the addition of an additional stylesheet, that can be used for the Custom CSS Link property of the web part:

To use this stylesheet, modify your target web part’s properties, and change the Custom CSS Link property to <SiteCollectionPath>/Office365RSSWebPartClientSide/WhiteBlue.css (replace <SiteCollectionPath> with the correct URL of your site collection where you deployed the web part to, e.g. /sites/finance ; for the root site collection, simply use /Office365RSSWebPartClientSide/WhiteBlue.css;).


Download the Web Part

Web Part: Office365_RSS_Web_Part.wsp (1091)
Source Code: Office365 RSS Web Part.zip (453)