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Presenting at 2 User Groups (Office / SharePoint)

This week (well, tomorrow), I’ll be presenting at the Singaporean Office User Group:

Collaboration with Office Web Applications Server 2013 by Rene Modery, MVP Office 365
Take a quick peek at the new Office Web Applications Server 2013 and capabilities for enabling collaboration at a whole new level. New apps are supported, new connection models and see how the new server has been supercharged for exciting new possibilities with Microsoft Office.


Next week Tuesday, I’ll present at the SharePoint User Group:

One of the most exciting additions to SharePoint 2013 are Apps, which can be downloaded and installed from the new SharePoint Store or from a corporate catalogue. Apps offer companies a new range of options when it comes to adding new functionality. What is required to provide an infrastructure that supports them? What kind of decisions do companies need to make to govern their usage? In this session, Office 365 MVP Rene Modery will provide answers to these questions.




July meeting of the Office 365 International User Group

On July 24, our next meeting of the Office 365 International User Group will take place. Join us for some 2 hours packed with interesting presentations, discussions, and Office 365 awesomeness!

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Office 365 Links of the Week – 25 May 2012

User Group Support Services – Office 365 – 1 Year Subscription Promotion
“Microsoft is providing Office 365 subscriptions for all user groups who are registered in our User Group Support Services program and validated by a Microsoft field sponsor. This offer is for the Office 365 E3 plan where up to 25 user group leaders can use Office 365 in managing their user group efforts and promote collaboration across their leadership team using familiar productivity tools. Until further notice, this will be an annual subscription that will renew each year on January 1st for those who renew their UGSS membership and meet promotional requirements”


For Business: Office 365 Offers More than Google Apps
Article that talks about some of the benefits of Office 365 compared to Google Apps


Useful Customizations to AD FS 2.0 when Deploying SSO with Office 365
Using a SSO setup with Office 365 and on-premises ADFS? Mike Pfeiffer has some useful tips on how to customise the login screen to make it more useful!


OK I have my Office 365 setup now how do I administer it
SharePoint MVP Dave Coleman gave a webinar on administering Office 365, the recording of it is available on his site


Explaining the Office 365 Kiosk licenses
Loryan talks about the Kiosk licenses (K), how they can be used, and their benefits


Simple GUI-based tool for checking DNS records used in Office 365
Need to verify the DNS records for your Office 365 domain? Check out this tool by Justin Wyllys


Download eBook: Office 365 Migration for Dummies
A small free ebook by Jennifer Reed