Logging in to the Office 365 Community this week, I was greeted with the following:


Yes, that’s me! As I’m quite busy with our internal upgrade to SharePoint 2010 and an Intranet redesign, I didn’t log on to the community regularly in the past 4 weeks, and also missed private messages that were sent to me regarding this. Still a nice surprise.

Looking at The Grid and the community site, I had to think of two previous Grid Users of the Week, whose sites I visit very regularly (yes, even though I have a tight schedule at the moment). If you’re interested in Office 365, I strongly recommend you to visit these two sites!

Without further ado, here they are:

Brett Hill, one of the current few Office 365 MVPs, runs http://www.office365answers.com/ on which he writes about all things Office 365. I found a lot of good content over there so far,  and the only small complaint I have is that I can’t grab an RSS feed for the articles for my Google Reader account.



Marlon Marescia runs http://www.talkingoffice365.com/, on which he has regular interviews with other people on Office 365, as well as Master Classes which are a deep dive into a specific topic (right now, there’s only one as it just started, but there are certainly more to come soon!)


(And I only saw just now that Marlon is living in Sydney! Should have tried to meet him while I was there recently)

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