Microsoft released updated Service Descriptions for Office 365 for Enterprise on 13 January 2012. Below, I will list the major updates to the Service Descriptions for Exchange Online and Exchange Online Archiving. Also available are the updates to the SharePoint Online Service Description.
Changes were compared with Word 2010’s Compare feature:



Microsoft Exchange Online for Enterprises Service Description

Access to Exchange Online

Outlook Web App now integrates the Office Web Apps into the attachment previewing experience for Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.  When Office Web App attachment preview is enabled, users see an Open In Browser link next to the Office Web App document type in Outlook Web App.  By clicking on the link, the user can open the attached document using the Office Web Apps to get a high-fidelity preview of the Office document in a web browser window.  By default, this feature is enabled in Exchange Online.  It can be disabled through Remote PowerShell (Set-OwaMailboxPolicy Default -WacViewingOnPublicComputersEnabled $false -WacViewingOnPrivateComputersEnabled $false).


Transport Rules

The maximum number of transport rules that can exist in the organization is 100. The maximum size of an individual transport rule is 4,000 characters. The character limit for all regular expressions used in all transport rules is 20,000. The maximum number of recipients added to a message by all transport rules is 100.



Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving Service Description


Size of the Recoverable Items folder Quota An Exchange Online Archiving email archive receives unlimited quota for the recoverable items folder. A quota is set on this folder that is large enough to accommodate reasonable use, and has a default of the equivalent of an estimated 7 years of recoverable items.    The default quota for the Recoverable Items Folder is 30 GB for Exchange Online Archiving users. In the unlikely event that a user reaches this quota, a call to Office 365 support is required.


Multi-Mailbox Search

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