Updated Release: RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365

Update: SharePoint Online RSS Viewer now supports external feeds


A long overdue update for my RSS Feed Web Part for Office 365. New to the web part? Have a look at the release history:
August 2011
March 2012

What has been changed?

The first change was in the JavaScript code. There were some issues when you were using this web part on a secure site (with SSL), as the call to the Google API was done through a non-secured regular http session instead of https, so that some users got a browser warning. The code now checks if you’re using https (as the E Plans do, for example), and then calls the Google API accordingly:


Secondly, I added some support for debugging (thanks to Peter Reid for this), in case you want to use the source code and modify it yourself:


The third and last change is the addition of an additional stylesheet, that can be used for the Custom CSS Link property of the web part:

To use this stylesheet, modify your target web part’s properties, and change the Custom CSS Link property to <SiteCollectionPath>/Office365RSSWebPartClientSide/WhiteBlue.css (replace <SiteCollectionPath> with the correct URL of your site collection where you deployed the web part to, e.g. /sites/finance ; for the root site collection, simply use /Office365RSSWebPartClientSide/WhiteBlue.css;).


Download the Web Part

Web Part: Office365_RSS_Web_Part.wsp (1100)
Source Code: Office365 RSS Web Part.zip (455)



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