In this post (and referencing some older posts), I’ll provide some brief information about Singapore, what to eat, what to do, where to go, how to get around, etc.

I already gave some information in 2010 as well as in 2011, visit these two posts as well!

 Get around

If you want to travel by public transport, the easiest way to go to the SharePoint Conference is via MRT. The MRT Station Expo is right next to the Singapore Expo. Tickets can either be purchased individually for each trip, or you can purchase an ez-link card in any MRT station or 7-eleven. These cards already contain some stored value, for each trip the travel fare will be deducted. Cards can be topped up (add additional value) in each of the MRT stations. If you plan to make a few trips around Singapore, they are definitely the more convenient option.

To find out how to go from place A to place B, you can type in the two addresses at To find out how to get to the expo, visit, select Directions From, and type in your starting address (e.g. name of your hotel).


Staying in touch – phone and internet

There are 3 telcos in Singapore, all of them provide similar prepaid mobile services:


Each prepaid card offers a small amount of data that is included, however for an additional $7 you can also purchase 1GB of local data. More information on where to buy the prepaid cards, and how to get the additional data  can usually be found online, or simply talk to a salesperson in the corresponding shop

Note: there are also prepaid cards with data plans only available, for example if you have an iPad. Have a look around the websites of the 3 telcos.


What to do

One of the newest attractions is Gardens by the Bay: Visiting is free except for the two domes.

Singapore now has its own Pandas (both Giant Panda and Red Panda!), which can now already be visited (though the new River Safari section of the Singapore Zoo is still in development). Tickets are limited. Viewings are at :00, :20, and :40 every hour, and limited to 200 people each time, so it’s best to reach the Zoo early in the morning:

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so why not join the activities in Chinatown? Have a look at to get some first impression on what’s going on there

What else is going on at the Singapore Expo? The John Little Mega Expo Sale! In case you need some toiletries, household stuff, shoes, clothes, etc 🙂


What to eat/drink

Look at the previous posts as mentioned above. Some additional suggestions:
Drink: Teh Tarik, lime juice, coconut juice, Singapore Sling, a Tiger beer
Eat: Kaya Toast, Chicken Rice, Murtabak, Satay, Chili Crab, …

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