If you visit my blog now, you’ll notice that the design is completely different, and looks more like a standard template than my previous customised design. The reason for this is quite simple: I migrated from the blogging platform Lifetype, which I’ve been using since 2005, to WordPress, which is just much better (templates, plugins, development, …).

I’m still in the process of fixing things, so the design and all the other smaller stuff around the blog will be updated in the next few days. Why not all at once? Three reasons:

  1. I don’t have a test environment to play around in (“I do not always test my migrations, but when I do, I do it in prod”….). Setting one up and testing everything was too much work (lazy), and I thought that the design is less important than the content
  2. I don’t have the time. Busy at work, other things going on over the weekends, so spending some time here and there seemed like the best option
  3. Because I was jealous of all the other WP users, and jsut couldn’t take it anymore and had to act immediately

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